Our Team

Bill Wong

Houston based Orange Commercial was launched in March of 2011 by Bill Wong who led the Tenant Representation practice at New Regional Planning for 7 years. With over 20 years of strategic planning, project management and sales experience, Mr. Wong decided to start his own firm and build a business based on integrity, honesty and responsiveness. 

Orange commercial promises to be professional by not only treating our clients with respect, but the other party as well. When negotiating a lease, we recognize this step as the beginning of the business relationship. Therefore, we identify and communicate the key performance indicators of both parties and put them on the table for negotiation. Our goal is to come to an agreement on success, for each party, in their respective businesses.
Orange commercial uses strategic alliances, market knowledge, technology and relationships to drive deals to the finish line. We operate effective and efficiently to give our client’s a competitive edge on their real estate investment. Our strategic approach enables us to negotiate the best terms available for the current environment and for the future. Call us to set up a meeting to discuss how our results will help the bottom line of your company or real estate investment.
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Fax: 888-958-1955